IronHack UX.UI: Project III-Add a feature

The brief

“Pew Research Center” 2018
Feature Competitive Analysis
Design tinking Steps
  • Julie, a 31 year old consultant, single without children.
  • Gabriella, a 33 year old craftswoman, single with one child.
  • Antoine, a 35 year old lawyer, married with no children.
  • Hector, a 42 year old engineer living in Bordeaux, single with two children.
  • Diane, a 50 year old consultant living in Paris, married with one child.
Affinity Diagram
User Persona
User Journey
Crazy eight
  • to create a category of utility car
  • to offer a mover with the van
  • to offer a customised service
Site Map
Low Fidelity
Mid Fidelity Wireframe
Style Guide
Hight Fidelity Prototype




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